Feel sad, angry, or distressed even after talking with friends, relatives or colleagues?
Ready to make a change?  

While confiding in someone you know can bring temporary relief, there are times when something more is needed.  Talking with a trained and experienced listener can help alleviate emotional distress for good. I am trained to listen and interact in ways that help you get to the very root of emotional concerns and find freedom from distressing patterns in relationships that may have been around for generations. 

Together we create opportunities to face adversities constructively and confidently.  The goal is freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.  Please don’t wait another minute. Give me a call to arrange an initial consultation. 

 404-671-9226 or email me at rene.ely@totallifecarenow.com

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How Counseling, Therapy, Consulting helps
In the first session we together assess the situation you bring, access and stabilize the emotions, get a new picture of the matters at hand and then the adjustment process can begin.  Many times progress is rapid, and it's very possible only one to three meetings are needed.  If we get to a good place with a new perspective, we may schedule a followup phone call to guard against a return to the pre-consultation ways or schedule a series of meeting for the future. 

Even if therapy is brief, we use a relationship approach that is emotionally and experientially focused.  Together we help one another gain new perspectives and skills to face life's challenges.    

In these stressful times couples, families, individuals, and business partners are wise to seek outside assistance and consultation with a professional to strengthen and heal the relationships that are so critical to a life well lived.   
Types of Counseling
Couples, families and individuals
Financial Matters
I can accept some insurance:   Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, and I work with a number of employee assistance programs or if you're  covered, out-of-network.

If it is possible, avoid the use of any insurance company or EAP. Your privacy is worth it.  We can creatively schedule meetings, and occasionally work out a payment schedule to reduce immediate impact on your finances.
 The benefits usually outweigh the cost.  My standard fee is  $135.00 per 50 minute session. 
My Clients Include: 
All genders, cultures, orientations, scientists, teachers, civic leaders, blue collar workers,  those in blended families and diverse workplace cultures and those with general relationship needs.
I provide psychotherapy, counseling and coaching for relationships, marriage, family, work and school settings. 
Rene Ely,  M.Div., MA, LMFT
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